to fulfil your CIVIL ENGINEERING needs!

BluCem Cementitious Grouting and Mortars


BluCem AP10 Acrylic Concrete Primer


BluCem HB30 Light Weight High Build Mortar
BluCem HB40 High Performance Repair Mortar
BluCem HB50 Rapid Setting Marine High Build Mortar
BluCem HB55 Sprayable Shotcrete
BluCem HB60 Sprayable Rapid Setting Cementitious Shotcrete


BluCem 510 Construction Grout
BluCem HE80 Early Strength Grout
BluCem HE80AG Early Strength Grout with Aggregate
BluCem HS120 Ultra High Strength Grout
BluCem HS200 PT Cable Grout
BluCem HS200A PT Cable Grout Additive
BluCem HS400 Thixotropic Grout
BluCem 511 High Strength Pressure Grout
BluCem HS150A PT Cable Grout Additive
BluCem MegaFlow (HS) Early Strength Semi-rigid Pavement Grout (HS)
BluCem MegaFlow (HES) High Early Strength Semi-rigid Pavement Grout (HES)

Micro Concrete

BluCem LH60 Deep Pour Engineered Micro Cement
BluCem FSC Fast Set Concrete
BluCem Zeo Glass Recycled Inorganic Polymer For Structural Sewer Linings
BluCem Addslow Fast Set Cement Retarder
BluCem AddFlow Fast Set Cement Superplasticiser

Underwater Grouts

BluCem HS60 UW High Strength Underwater Grout
BluCem LH60 UW Deep Pour Underwater Micro Concrete


BluCem SL50 Rapid floor Self-Levelling Cementitious Grout

BluGeo – GRP Anchors, Rock Bolts and Geopolymer Mortar

Rock Bolts and Anchors

BluGeo LP Rock Bolt DCP Low Profile Steel Rigid Anchor
BluGeo SR Rock Bolt DCP Steel Rigid Anchor
BluGeo CF Rock Bolt DCP Low Profile Flexible Cable Anchor
BluGeo S-Type Centraliser Anchor Centraliser

BluRez – Injection & Adhesive Systems

Polyurethane Injection Resins

BluRez CS150 Hydrophilic Polyurethane Injection Resin
BluRez CSW Water Stopping Polyurethane Resin

Epoxy Resins

BluRez Epoxy 111 High Penetration Epoxy Resin
BluRez 302LV Low Viscosity Epoxy Injection Resin
BluRez 302  Epoxy Injection Resin
BluRez 301 Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy Grout

BluRez 322 High Strength Flowable Epoxy Grout

Epoxy and Adhesives

BluRez 304 Epoxy Putty
BluRez Epoxy  575CG Segmental Constructive Adhesive

BluSeal – Waterproofing Systems

Membranes & Liners

BluSeal VLDPE Tunnel Liner VLDPE Flexible Sheet Membrane
BluSeal PVC Tunnel Liner PVC Flexible Sheet Membrane
 BluSeal Anchor Knob Sheet HDPE Concrete Protection Membrane
 BluSeal TF05 Cement Polymer Membrane
 BluSeal URG Waterstop PVC Universal Rear Guard Stop Membrane
 BluSeal UCG Waterstop PVC Universal Centre Guard Stop Membrane
 BluSeal JS50 EPDM Joint Sealing Membrane
 BluSeal AD50 Silicone-Modified Polymer Adhesive
 BluSeal Superstop 47B Hydrophilic Butyl Waterstop Seal
 BluSeal Leakmaster Hydrophilic Gun Grade PU Waterstop
 BluSeal Injection Hose Injectable Hose For Construction Joint Sealing
 BluSeal PVC BA Anchor PVC Anchor Sleeve
 BluSeal DL20 Drainage Liner HDPE Dimple Sheet

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