How To Choose the Right Mortar for Concrete Patch Repairs

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Deterioration of building materials such as masonry and concrete are inevitable, which is why patch-repair system can be a solution to strengthen these structures.

Spalling is one of the most common types of defects as a result of deterioration of materials, usually steel subjected to corrosion attack or concrete subjected to aggressive chemical attack. It can be purely cosmetic in nature and will only look unappealing. But in the long run, it can also result in structural damage that can put your life at risk, such as damage to reinforcing bars positioned inside the concrete.

For this reason, it is important to address spalling when it first starts to appear. This is where the cementitious patch-repair system comes in to restore structural integrity and renew or preserve steel reinforcement or both in areas where concrete has spalled or is defective. To ensure that your mortar is consistent, workable and most importantly safe, you have to first make sure that the correct ratio of water is added. The more water is added, the weaker the mortar can become, increasing its chances of shrinking. You should also make sure that the surface to be repaired is free of dust, oils and surface contaminants. This may require steam cleaning or high-pressure water blasting.

Repair mortars are designed to bond tenaciously to the substrate, provide an alkaline environment when reinforcement steel is present, produce minimal shrinkage and cracking, have low permeability and chemical resistant in aggressive environments.

At ARDEX-QUICSEAL, we have a wide and comprehensive range of solutions and systems for specific needs of construction to fulfil your needs. We promote pre-packed material such as the following:

ARDEX BR480 – Fibre reinforced structural repair mortar, designed for the structural repair of concrete structures.

ARDEX CE 707 – sprayable, high build structural mortar consisting of graded aggregates to create maximum interlocking during dry spray to build depth in one spray. It is suitable for jetty construction and repair, bridge repair, seawall repair, sewer repair, tunnel rock support etc.

Most importantly, our team of dedicated and experienced technical personnel will guide you through the entire process from the assessment of the structure to finding the root cause, and finally, proposing the most cost effective and efficient repair methods and materials to restore your place for you.

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