Flexible rubber seal for internal and external applications

QUICSEAL 210 Modified Silicone (MS) sealant

Joint sealing has always been an important component in aiding to accommodate movements, keep out moisture, dirt and water, as well as withstand strong sunlight, bacteria attack, abrasion of traffic etc. Wrong selection of sealant, coupled with bad workmanship, may result in several undesirable failures – adhesion and cohesion failure, spalling and even staining to the surrounding substrate.

QUICSEAL 210 Modified Silicone (MS) sealant is one-component and easily gun-able to form a flexible rubber seal. This product:

– has excellent adhesion to various types of substrates including steel, anodized aluminium, wood, glass, ceramic and natural stones.

– can be painted over with most type of paints.

– has non-migration property and does not cause staining to most substrates including some tiles and natural stones.

Excellent for both internal and external applications, QUICSEAL 210 can be used for cladding works (granite and aluminium), windows and door frames, precast concrete panels, civil defense shelter conduits, panel roofing, tile movement joints, and at any locations where movement, expansion and high vibrations are present.

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